Lexington, KY – Today, TruDiagnostic announced the Dunedin Pace of Aging report is now available to all customers. This algorithm is part of an exclusive license agreement between TruDiagnostic and Duke University, previously available only for academic research. 

The DunedinPoAm report will be available as part of TruDiagnostic’s “TruAge” epigenetic biological age collection. Existing customers are also able to run previously submitted TruAge data through the DunedinPoAm algorithm for a historical look at their Pace of Aging.

Duke University is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in biomedical research and engineering. The DunedinPACE exclusive license opens the door to more opportunities to validate and expand the use of this metric in advanced patient cohorts. Duke University and TruDiagnostic are currently collaborating on grant proposals to make this algorithm validated via other tissues as well.