Lexington, KY – On April 21, TruDiagnostic announced the completion of their 10,000 sq. ft epigenetic testing facility, located in Lexington, Kentucky. This Laboratory was built to be the centerpiece of their new business, offering clinical and academic research institutions a faster, more thorough epigenetic testing experience. 

TruDiagnostic is a new biotechnology startup, currently focused on epigenetics and epigenetic aging. Epigenetics is the interface by which the human body reacts to the outside world and in turn changes personal gene expression over the course of their life. 

TruDiagnostic now offers an epigenetic testing service, named ‘TruAge’, available to providers and researchers to begin evaluating patient epigenetic aging data. The lab features Illumina equipment and space to process over 10,000 samples per month. 

With this new laboratory, TruDiagnostic now offers assistance with clinical trials and the following services to academic researchers.

This move is part of a broader plan by TruDiagnostic to become a premiere epigenetic testing laboratory, and to begin epigenetic research & development in the pursuit of fighting aging and disease.