TruAge Testing FAQs

The Science.

What is Epigenetics?
What is DNA Methylation?
What is Biological Age?
What Influences Biological Age / Methylation?
How is it different from a DNA test?
What research are you doing?
How much of the Epigenome can you sequence?
I recently started a huge diet/exercise program - how soon can I expect changes to my Biological Age?

Our Tests.

Can I buy a test now?
How do I reset my password?
What is TruDiagostic?
What is TruAge?
What happens once I buy a test?
I  forgot to register! What do I do?
Where are the samples tested?
Do you share my TruAge report with third parties?
How will you safeguard my information?
What is your laboratory’s quality review process?
Why would my Biological Age be higher or lower than my birthday?
Why do you need blood?
What happens to my DNA sample at the lab?
Why do some samples fail?
Can this test diagnose a disease?
What updates will I get, after I receive my initial results?

Using Your Kit.

How do I use the kit?
How do I register my sample?
How much blood do you need?
How long does it take to take a sample?
How do I mail it in?
Will my sample be ok in the mail?
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